Tīhei mauri ora.

Ko te kaupapa ko Nōku te Ao.
Ko te whainga kia mutu te whakatoihara me te whakahāwea ki ngā tangata whaiora.
Ko te moemoeā te whakamana i ngā tangata katoa.

People walking at the beach in New Zealand People walking at the beach in New Zealand


The history of Nōku te Ao | Like Minds

Nōku te Ao | Like Minds is a public awareness programme that aims to increase social inclusion and end discrimination towards people with experience of mental distress. We do this through public awareness campaigns, community projects and research. 

Like Minds, Like Mine.

Established in 1997 by the Ministry of Health, it was one of the first comprehensive campaigns in the world to counter the prejudice and discrimination associated with mental distress. 

Combining award-winning national television campaigns, with media, community action, and education, Like Minds, Like Mine thrived through ongoing partnerships, particularly with people with lived experience of mental distress, Māori and Pasifika communities.

Mental health is now firmly on the agenda and people speak more freely about their experiences of depression and anxiety. The 2018 Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction indicated there is more to do, particularly for people who experience severe mental distress.


Nōku te Ao Like Minds

Grounded in Te Tiriti o Waitangi and a commitment to equity, Nōku te Ao  Like Minds introduces a new phase. We work with and for the people most affected by discrimination, including Māori and Pacific communities.

Evidence shows one in five New Zealanders and one in four Pacific people experience mental distress. However, one in three Māori are affected by mental distress. To that end, the chances of prejudice and discrimination impacting on Māori with lived experiences of distress is extremely high. 

Nōku te Ao Like Minds is grounded in kaupapa Māori research and evaluation. It is a multi-level programme based on kaupapa Māori principles with national campaigns and communications, media monitoring and community-led social movement activities, education and social action grants.

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